Rubic Weekly Report 05/30/2024

Welcome to Rubic’s Weekly Report! Let’s take a look at what has happened this week.


  1. ✅ Taiko Mainnet Integration
  2. 🔗  Sei V2 Chain Upcoming Integration
  3. 🚀 Rubic’s API Development
  4. 🌀Gravity Blockchain By Galxe Upcoming Integration
  5. 👥Rubic At Consensus 2024
  6. 🟩 Staking Program Extension 
  7. 🔍 Scroll Marks On Rubic
  8. 📢 Get Blast Gold With Rubic


  1. Taiko Mainnet Integration 

📢 Taiko Mainnet is LIVE on Rubic. Swap to, from & on Taiko seamlessly with Orbiter & iZUMi, all with the fastest trades! Besides, Meson is coming soon for even more options. 

🟩 Let’s unleash the power of Taiko on Rubic!

  1. Sei V2 Network Upcoming Integration 

Rubic will integrate Sei Network V2! 🟩

As the Best Rate Finder, Rubic will ensure the most cost-efficient routes for swaps to, from, & on Sei, bringing 4 DEXes for a seamless on-chain experience: Uniswap, Dragonswap, Jellyverse, & Vermillion and Squid for cross-chain swaps.  

Sei Chain boasts impressive performance with over 1.2 billion transactions completed and an average throughput of 12,500 transactions per second. 

💚Interact with Sei, get the best rates & blazing-fast transactions – all on Rubic!

  1. Gravity Blockchain By Galxe

🌀 Our friends at Galxe just launched GravityChain, a powerful new L1 chain for omnichain experience. Soon to be integrated into Rubic!

GravityChain powers Galxe’s 20M user ecosystem, & we’re excited to contribute! 

Follow @GravityChain to stay updated.

  1. Rubic’s API Development

Calling all Integrators and Crypto Enthusiasts! 

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming pre-alpha release of the Rubic API! This is your chance to get a sneak peek and help us shape the future of seamless crypto swapping.

What’s Included:

  • Alpha Methods: Access core functionalities like fetching swap rates, swap data, supported providers, and blockchains.
  • Limited Providers (For Now): Explore a curated selection of cross-chain and on-chain providers.    

This is a pre-alpha version. It’s not intended for production use and hasn’t undergone extensive testing. Please exercise caution and avoid using it with any funds you’re not comfortable potentially losing.

Stay tuned for the official release announcement soon! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

  1. New Providers Integrations! 

We’re enhancing route options for your swaps! Currently, we are integrating several on-chain and cross-chain providers:

  • Eddy Finance as On-Chain Provider for ZetaChain
  • Owlto as Cross-Chain Provider for CoreDAO
  1. Staking Program Extension 

Great news for our stakers: We’re extending the 1-month staking campaign. You loved the shorter lockup period and faster rewards, so we’re keeping it going! 

Dive into the 1-month staking period with an APR of 73% this week! 

For 9+ months, Rubic’s community has staked over 35M RBC, experiencing an impressive average APR of ~30%, reaching an ATH of up to 325%. We’ve already distributed over 142 ETH in staking rewards among our participants. 


  1. Retrodrop #10

Hooray, Retrodrop Holders! Part 10 of your rewards is now live on Arbitrum!

Claim your $RBC and consider staking it for a 1-month period.

Dive in: 

Learn more: 


  1. Get Blast Gold With Rubic

Get Blast Gold For Swaps On & To Blast On Rubic!

As you know, Blast’s Airdrop is based on Points & Gold. Gold is distributed to the ecosystem dApps & we’ll give 100% of the Gold we earn to you, Rubicans!

Starting today, join our 1-month campaign!

Earn Blast Gold every 2 weeks based on your txns number. The rewards will be distributed directly to your wallets. 

Eligible swaps:

• All on-chain on Blast

• Cross-chain to Blast (except ChangeNOW)

🤫 Choose XY Finance for an 80M+ Blast Points pool!

  1. Layer3 Farcaster Campaign 

Join the Rubic’s 1st Campaign on Warpcast powered by Layer3 & enter 50K OP Total Reward Pool + $5K from Rubic.

1️⃣ Follow us on Warpcast: 

2️⃣ Make a swap on Rubic on or across eligible chains. 

Rewards from the main prize pool will be distributed based on your XP score at the end of the campaign on June 17th. Plus, the first 2,500 participants will receive 2 USDC from Rubic!

You can check the leaderboard here:

  1. Rubic At Consensus 2024

Consensus is the world’s largest, longest-running and most influential gathering that brings together all sides of the cryptocurrency, blockchain and Web3 community.

We’re excited to have our Business Development Lead, Sven Michael, attending Consensus this year! Sven is there to connect with the vibrant crypto community and explore the latest innovations. If you’re at the conference, be sure to say hi to Sven!

  1. Scroll Marks On Rubic

Heard about Scroll Sessions? Join Scroll’s loyalty program rewarding participation in the Scroll ecosystem with Scroll Marks!

Bridge ETH, wstETH, or STONE to Scroll via Rubic, hold these assets on Scroll & earn Marks. Plus, stablecoin whitelisting is coming soon for even more earning opportunities! 

Learn more in our article:

Check your marks at: 

  1. zkLink Aggregation Parade

Soon, we’ll join the zkLink Aggregation Parade Campaign. Users who participate in Rubic’s quest will earn extra RBC and ZkLink points!

To qualify for additional RBC and zkLink points, you must complete a Cross-Chain swap from any network to zkLink and perform one On-Chain swap using Rubic.

Users receive 50% extra Rubic points for Cross-Chain and On-Chain swaps completed using zkLink!

Learn more about the parade:

  1. XY Finance x Blast Campaign On Rubic

Boost your swap experience to Blast through XY Finance on Rubic and earn extra Blast Points! Starting May 10th, elevate your chances of securing an airdrop from Blast. 

Blast Points are awarded to users for participating in Blast ecosystem activities, such as borrowing, providing liquidity, and trading, and can be used to claim airdrops. In terms of allocation, 50% of the Blast Airdrop is allocated to Blast Points. 

After the Blast Point event ends, ALL remaining Blast points will be distributed to ALL participants as bonus rewards!

Learn more about Blast Airdrop:

  1. Rubic on Mode Layer3 Quest

Earn layer3’s XPs for your swaps on & to Mode network with Rubic!

Besides XPs, you can now earn Cubes, which could be a key to a potential airdrop by Layer3!

Swap on Rubic, join our Discord, claim your rewards & activate your wallet in Mode’s airdrop!

For an easier experience explore:

Video Tutorial: 

Step-by-step Guide: 

  1. Rubic x Horizen EON Galxe Quest 

Horizen Fun Never Ends! Dive into the Horizen Quest on Galxe! Complete social tasks & swaps to enter $100 Raffle:

1️⃣ Follow @horizenglobal & @HorizenLabs

2️⃣ Have the member role in Horizen’s Discord

3️⃣ Swap to Horizen from Ethereum or Avalanche on Rubic.

  1. New Intract Compass Quests

Intract Сompass explorers! Rubic is an approved protocol on Linea, Scroll, Blast & Base Compass Campaigns! 

Complete easy on-chain & social tasks & level up your XP score. To engage with our Compass quests, follow the links provided below:

Rubic on Base Compass:

Rubic on Linea Compass:

Rubic on Blast Compass:

Rubic on Scroll Compass:

Soon, we’ll join compass campaigns on zkSync, Blast, Scroll, & Mode. 

  1. Rubic On Metis Layer 3 Quests 

Metis Airdrop buzz? Don’t miss out!

Jumpstart your journey with Layer 3 quests on Metis launched by Stargate & Metis!

➡️ Swap $25 to Metis and $20+ from Metis (m.USDT / m.USDDC)  on Rubic, earn points & NFTs, & activate your wallet for a potential airdrop

1️⃣Bridges Campaign –  

2️⃣ Aggregators Campaign – 

  1. Rubic’s Layer3 Weekly Quest  

Don’t miss out on our Layer3 Weekly Quest! Now with a bonus reward! 

Besides XPs, you can now earn Cubes, which could be a key to a potential airdrop by Layer3! Mint CUBEs for every third transaction eligible in the weekly quest.

Your adventure begins here: 

For your Streak – Layer3 weekly tasks on Layer3, initiate cross-chain swaps from any of these source chains: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, Linea, Scroll, Polygon zkEVM, and Polygon, then swap to any supported destination chains. 

About Rubic

Rubic’s Best Rate Finder tool for crypto swaps aggregates 70+ blockchains, 220+ DEXs and bridges, and 15,500+ crypto assets. In one click, you can find the best swap rate, highest liquidity, and transaction speeds.

Users no longer have to roam across Web3 platforms comparing rates and liquidity; you can now make cross-chain and on-chain swaps between any 2 available tokens in web3 directly on  

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