Berachain Airdrop: All You Need to Know

Rubic, a Cross-Chain Tech Aggregator, is always keeping up with the latest innovations in the blockchain space. In line with our commitment to exploring new possibilities, Rubic recently integrated the Berachain testnet. This move comes as Berachain gains attention for its potential to emerge as a leading chain in the Cosmos ecosystem. In this article, we’ll delve into the unique features of Berachain, explore the advantages of its integration, and provide a step-by-step guide on how to qualify for the potential airdrop.

Understanding Berachain

Berachain started from an NFT collection and is now a highly anticipated Layer 1 in the works. You can read more about the Bears NFT Project here

Architecture and Consensus

Berachain is a Cosmos Layer 1 blockchain powered by the Polaris EVM, featuring a distinctive Proof of Liquidity consensus mechanism. 

Unlike traditional proof of stake chains, Berachain addresses liquidity concerns by introducing a multi-token model:

  • $BERA – The Gas Token
  • $HONEY – The Stable Coin
  • $BGT – The Governance Token

This innovative approach ensures that power users maintain their governance share as the network expands.

Token Overview

  • $BERA Token:
    • Native to Berachain, it acts as the “gas token” for transactions.
    • Not yet available to the public until the Mainnet launch.
  • $BGT (Bera Governance Token):
    • Non-transferable token obtained by providing liquidity in Berachain Exchange (BEX).
    • Integral to Berachain’s Proof-of-Liquidity model, facilitating governance and rewarding users.
    • Features a unique one-way burn mechanism.
  • Honey Stablecoin:
    • Pegged to the US dollar, providing stability within the network.
    • Availability tied to the Mainnet’s launch.

Berachain Ecosystem Expansion

Berachain recently made headlines with a remarkable $42 million funding round, reflecting its strong position and commitment to ecosystem growth. 

The Berachain ecosystem is already flourishing with various projects:

We can expect an impressive launch with around 100 dApps, covering gaming, NFTs, and more.

Potential Airdrop Opportunity

For early-adopting users looking for airdrops, the Berachain has a variety of quests you can complete via Galxe. Here’s how to qualify:

  • Visit the faucet to get testnet tokens.
  • Copy your wallet address and paste it into the designated bar.
  • Click “drip tokens” to receive 1 Bera token.
  • Engage in social tasks, follow Berachain on Twitter, and join their Discord for additional opportunities. 
  • Explore swaps, complete quizzes, and participate in various activities to accumulate BGT tokens, the governance token.

Berachain x Rubic Partnership

At Rubic, we are dedicated to fostering blockchain interoperability. We have integrated 8 testnets, including Berachain. Now, users can seamlessly swap BERA to WBERA directly at   

  1. Connect Berachain to MetaMask. Before swapping, add Berachain to your MetaMask wallet. It’s a quick one-click process described here.
  1. Obtain Test Tokens:

Secure $BERA tokens by reaching the Berachain Faucet through the Rubic Testnet App.

  1. Visit the Berachain Faucet.

Provide your wallet address, and watch as 1 Bera drips into your wallet.

  1. Now, swap your BERA to WBERA at Rubic Testnet, and seamlessly enter the Berachain Ecosystem!

Embark on the Berachain journey with Rubic and explore the possibilities of blockchain interoperability which Rubic’s app provides across 70+ networks.