RBC Retrodrop for OG Holders

Rubicans, Rubichads, and Rubic Rangers, your ship has come in!

Following the structure of Rubic’s new tokenomics, the Rubic team is excited to unveil the much-anticipated RBC Retrodrop, a token distribution event that rewards our holders for their unwavering loyalty. Let us outline the rules and guidelines of this retrodrop’s distribution, providing clarity on eligibility, holding periods, rewards, and more.

We are committed to ensuring fairness, transparency, and a seamless experience for all participants!

First of all, we’d like to cover the eligibility criteria. To be eligible for the RBC Retrodrop, participants must meet the following requirements:

  • Has held RBC tokens continuously since at least one of the three snapshots (see Snapshot periods below).
  • Continue holding RBC tokens throughout the last two snapshots.

Snapshot Periods & Reward Coefficients:

In this retrodrop, we aim to maximize rewards for those who have remained loyal and supported us since the very early stages.

To achieve this, we have implemented three coefficients for the retrodrop distribution:

a) C1 Reward Coefficient:

  • If you’ve been with us since the first snapshot (from token launch until 03/31/2021, throughout the other 4 snapshots, and are still holding now) get ready for a special treat. You’ll get the max coefficient (C1) as a reward for your unwavering loyalty.

b) C2 Reward Coefficient:

  • The next retrodrop snapshot period is from 03/31/21 to 12/21/21. Holders who have held their tokens since the second snapshot and are still holding now will be granted a coefficient of C2, acknowledging the significant duration of their support.

c) C3 Reward Coefficient:

  • Another snapshot period for the retrodrop: 12/21/21 to 11/1/2022. Holders who have retained their tokens from the third snapshot and are still holding now will receive a coefficient of C3, recognizing their contribution to the project over a shorter period.

d) Snapshot 4

  • Since this snapshot, it’s critical to still hold RBC now. The 4th snapshot period for the retrodrop is between 11/01/22 and 12/12/22.

e) Snapshot 5

  • The last snapshot period for the retrodrop is from 12/12/2022 until now. Make sure you’re still holding RBC to qualify for the rewards.

We’ve prepared an example of coefficient calculations to make it ‌clear for you! Below you can see the amount of the retrodrop you’ll get if you hold RBC depending on the snapshot periods. Please note that these illustrative numbers are not final.

By introducing these coefficients, we ensure that early and loyal holders are rewarded more generously, while still acknowledging the contributions of holders who joined the project at later stages. We firmly believe that this approach will result in a retrodrop that is fair and inclusive for all of our esteemed Veteran holders.

Retrodrop Distribution Process:

To ensure a smooth and controlled distribution process and prevent a token dump, the retrodrop rewards will be distributed in parts, with 1/12 available per month. Here’s an overview of the distribution process:

  1. Claiming and Staking:

Tokens need to be claimed by the retrodrop participants on the Arbitrum network. The link will be published later. Please only follow the links published by Rubic on our official channels. Claimed RBC will be deposited into staking for a 3-month period to prevent abrupt token dumps.

2. Unlock and Pick-up:

At the end of the deposit period, Retrodrop participants will be able to pick up their RBC Retrodrop along with staking rewards. Different unlock dates will help to prevent price dumping.

3. Auto-Move Feature:

If a participant fails to claim their RBC in the first monthly unlock, the tokens will automatically move to the next unlock stage. If you don’t claim the tokens for more than 6 months, they will be returned back to the Marketing Treasury to be spent on other airdrops and marketing activities.

Fairness and Transparency:

The retrodrop emphasizes fairness and transparency throughout the whole process. Here are some key aspects:

  • Holding Verification:

At every retrodrop unlock stage, the Rubic team will verify if addresses from the list are still holding RBC. Addresses that no longer hold RBC will unfortunately be excluded from the Retrodrop rewards.

  • Support and Assistance:

The Rubic support team is committed to providing assistance and addressing any questions or concerns related to eligibility or the overall Retrodrop process.

The RBC Retrodrop is a testament to our commitment to the Rubican community, honoring the loyalty and support of our OG holders while incentivizing long-term holders.

We believe this initiative will further strengthen our community bonds and reward those who have been with us from the beginning.

If you have any questions or concerns about your eligibility or the retrodrop stages, our support team is here to assist you. Stay tuned for further updates, and get ready for a seamless and rewarding retrodrop experience!


Why haven’t I received the retrodrop?

To determine why you haven’t received the retrodrop, you need to check if you meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the information provided. Specifically, you need to have held RBC tokens continuously starting from at least one of the first three snapshots and continued holding RBC tokens throughout the last two snapshots.

If you do not meet these requirements, you may not be eligible for the retrodrop.

Why did I receive less RBC?

The amount of RBC tokens you receive in the retrodrop depends on several factors, including the amount of RBC tokens you held during specific snapshot periods and the reward coefficients assigned to each period. The retrodrop distribution process involves calculating the retrodrop amount based on these factors. Therefore, it is possible that the calculation resulted in a lower allocation for your specific holding period or coefficient than the one you see in the published example.

Will it be an airdrop, or do I need to claim the tokens?

To receive the retrodrop tokens, you need to claim them on the Arbitrum network. The link will be published later. Please only follow the links published by Rubic on our official channels. Once claimed, the tokens will be deposited into staking for a 3-month period to prevent abrupt token dumps.

Can I claim all tokens at once?

The retrodrop rewards will be distributed in parts, with 1/12 of the total available per month. This means you won’t be able to claim all the tokens at once. The distribution will occur over a period of several months, with different unlock dates set to prevent price dumping.

Can I use RBC after claiming?

Once you have claimed your retrodrop tokens and they have gone through the 3-month staking period, you will be able to freely use and transfer them.

I have held RBC since the beginning but sold it a couple of months ago. Am I still eligible for the retrodrop?

No. To be eligible for the retrodrop, you need to have held RBC tokens continuously since at least one of the first three snapshots and continued holding RBC tokens throughout the last two snapshots. If you sold your RBC tokens before the required holding periods, you are no longer eligible for the retrodrop.

I am a Birthday Campaign NFT Holder, am I eligible for the retrodrop?

Yes! Rubic Birthday NFT holders who have no less than 3 NFTs and have made no less than 3 swaps in the last 9 months will receive a fixed amount of RBC as a part of this retrodrop via the SwapToEarn program.

Am I eligible for the retrodrop if I hold my RBC on a Centralized Exchange (CEX)?

Retrodrop eligibility varies based on your choice of CEX. If you’ve stored your RBC tokens on Probit, you’re in luck — your retrodrop tokens will be delivered to you in one go. However, holders of RBC tokens on any other CEX aside from Probit won’t be eligible for the retrodrop. This is primarily because most CEXs became participants after the snapshot period. Consequently, they will not receive any retrodrop tokens.

Can I receive the retrodrop if my $RBC is staked?

Yes, if you’ve held since at least one of the initial three snapshots and have staked your $RBC, you remain eligible for the retrodrop.

Can I qualify for the retrodrop without claiming the new $RBC?

Certainly. Even without claiming the new $RBC, you’re acknowledged as a holder. If you meet the earlier mentioned criteria, your address will be considered.