Rubic Weekly Report 04/04/2024

Welcome to Rubic’s Weekly Report! Let’s take a look at our achievements for this week.


  1. 🌐 Rootstock Network Integration
  2. 🔌 Piteas Provider Integration
  3. 🚀 Upcoming Network Integrations: zkFair & Mode
  4. 🍪 Cookie3 Joint Campaign
  5. 🎉 Rubic’s x Horizen EON Network Campaign On Galxe


  1. Rootstock Network Integration

Rootstock becomes the 75th network on the Rubic App! To enhance the integration of Rootstock, we’re integrating OkuSwap as the on-chain provider and Symbiosis as the cross-chain bridge, paving the way for seamless network interactions.

Explore Rootstock numbers below: 

Here’s how Rubic unlocks the potential of RSK:

Expands Bitcoin’s DeFi Reach – By integrating RSK with Symbiosis, we create a bridge between Bitcoin and Ethereum-compatible blockchains. This allows users to seamlessly move their Bitcoin assets into DeFi applications built on other networks, unlocking a whole new world of financial possibilities.

Rootstock integrates the security of the Bitcoin network with the flexibility of smart contracts. This “sidechain” solution allows developers to build dApps  on top of Bitcoin, leveraging its robust security model. 

Swap to, from & on Rootstock with Rubic!

  1. Piteas Provider Integration

Swaps on Pulsechain are leveling up with the addition of Piteas as the on-chain provider. Explore smoother transactions and enhanced trading experiences ahead! Piteas is a DEX aggregator that provides the latest in swap technology. By combining multiple DEXs, Piteas provides access to billions of the most widely used DeFi Protocols. 

  1. Upcoming Network Integrations

In the following weeks, we are planning to integrate 2 more chains: zkFair and Mode. 

zkFair is the first community ZK-Rollup based on Polygon CDK and Celestia DA, 100% token airdrop.

Mode is the Ethereum L2 that rewards users for growing the network via new economic mechanisms. Powered by Optimism. Explore Mode upcoming airdrop here –

  1. Staking Update

Dive into the 3-month staking period with an APR of 29%!

For 9+ months, Rubic’s community has staked over 35M RBC, experiencing an impressive average APR of 20-50%, reaching an ATH of up to 325%. We’ve already distributed over 115 ETH in staking rewards among our participants. 



  1. Cookie3 Joint Campaign

Rubic x Cookie3 Campaign Powered By Galxe is Live!

Join & claim your special NFT, granting you an exclusive Discord role: 

1️⃣ Complete any Cross-Chain or On-Chain swap using Rubic contracts

2️⃣ Retweet announcement

3️⃣ Subscribe to our Twitter

  1. Solar DEX Airdrop

Good news for Rubic’s Users!

If you’ve been actively swapping to, from & on Avalanche in the last three months, it’s time to check your wallets! Solar DEX is rewarding Avalanche swappers with an exclusive airdrop allocation!

  1. Potential Airdrop Chains On Rubic

Airdrops are the fuel of Crypto! Here’s your tips for potential 2024 gems Chains like Taiko, zkSync Era, ZetaChain, Base, & Blast are primed for action – and they’re all on Rubic! Also keep an eye on our new chains – Kroma, Horizen EON, Merlin!

Swap to, from & on these chains to boost your chances!

  1. Target Chains Statistics In March 

In March, our users actively swapped to Metis, making 3,700+ transactions! Alongside Metis, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Base, Arbitrum, & Kroma emerged as popular choices among our users.

With the highest volume in target chains almost $9.5M swapped to Ethereum, our total March cross-chain volume: $28.3M!

  1. Rubic’s x Horizen EON Network Campaign On Galxe

Get Swapping & Win! 

We’re thrilled to welcome Horizen EON Network to the Rubic fam! 

️ 🗓️ Starting April 1st, join our 1-month Airdrop Campain powered by Galxe!

Complete on-chain & social tasks & get a unique OAT!

Don’t miss out – join the fun now:

Here’s how to join the party!

1️⃣ Follow @horizenglobal & @CryptoRubic 

2️⃣ Like/RT the announcement 

3️⃣ Swap to Horizen EON Network from Avalanche or Ethereum on Rubic. List of tokens: AVAX, ETH, WBTC, WZEN, USDT, USDC, DAI, and LINK.

Learn more: (link to the article)

  1. Galxe Campaign On Kroma

Rubic is thrilled to announce an integration of Kroma Network and participation in a Kroma Gaming-Centric campaign powered by Galxe.

This exciting collaboration will offer you:

  • Seamless on-chain and social tasks: Complete easy quests to earn rewards.
  • Unique NFTs: Claim exclusive NFTs for participating in the campaign.
  • Loads of fun: Enjoy engaging activities within the Kroma ecosystem.

To participate:

1️⃣ Complete a Cross-Chain or On-Chain swap to/on the Kroma network via Rubic.

2️⃣ Follow @CryptoRubic on Twitter.

3️⃣ Retweet the Announcement!


🔗 Stay connected, stay ahead with Rubic.

  1. Rubic’s Campaigns on Blast

Blast Airdrop Buzz Is Everywhere! 

Join Blast with Rubic – your ultimate gateway to Blast!

Swap to, from & on Blast at Rubic & enter Blast’s ecosystem. Plus, dive into our campaign for extra rewards!

1. Rubic x Blast Takeover

Read our airdrop guide: 

  1. Rubic On Metis Layer 3 Quests 

Metis Airdrop buzz? Don’t miss out!

Jumpstart your journey with Layer 3 quests on Metis launched by Stargate & Metis!

➡️ Swap $25 to Metis and $20+ from Metis (m.USDT / m.USDDC)  on Rubic, earn points & NFTs, & activate your wallet for a potential airdrop

1️⃣Bridges Campaign –  

2️⃣ Aggregators Campaign – 

  1. New Rubic’s SDK Integrations
  • Boomerang Exchange. ​​The Boomerang Exchange is a fully decentralized exchange of crypto-assets on various blockchain networks such as BSC, ETH, Polygon etc. On Boomerang Exchange you can trade ETH tokens from the Ethereum Blockchain to BSC tokens from the Binance blockchain with one click.
  • VirtuSwap. VirtuSwap is on a mission to make DEXes dominate the crypto trading landscape, by enabling efficient, cheap, trades; while increasing yields to liquidity providers. A combination of financial engineering, state-of-the-art research, and proprietary AI agents achieves this. 
  1. Intract Compass Campaigns on Base & Linea 

Intract Campaign explorers! Rubic is an approved protocol on both Linea . Base Compass Campaigns!

Complete easy on-chain & social tasks to level up your XP score & get 220 extra.

To engage with our Compass quests, follow the links provided below:

Rubic on Base Compass:

Rubic on Linea Compass:

More Compass Campaigns to come!

  1. Rubic’s Layer3 Weekly Quest  

Dive into our weekly quests on Layer3! Engage in cross-chain swaps and rack up those valuable XPs! Your adventure begins here: 

For your weekly tasks on Layer3, initiate cross-chain swaps from any of these source chains: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, Linea, Scroll, Polygon zkEVM, and Polygon, then swap to any supported destination chains. 

Rubic aggregates 70+ blockchains and testnets, while it enables swaps of 15,500+ assets with the best rates, highest liquidity, and transaction speeds – in one click, thanks to the integration of 220+ DEXs and bridges.

Additionally, we provide our cutting-edge functionality through a comprehensive B2B development toolkit. This toolkit empowers developers to build custom cross-chain solutions from scratch.