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DEX & Bridge Aggregator + Tools to Enable it for dApps
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Rubic: Cross-Chain Bridge & DEX Aggregator

Why Rubic Is Your
Best Crypto Exchange?

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Rubic’s Best Rate Finder

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Rubic’s “Best Rate Finder” makes it easier than ever before to pick the most cost-efficient route for your token swap by actively comparing swap rates across 200+ DEXs simultaneously – all within your MetaMask wallet.

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Crypto Tools for dApps

Build your own instant cross-chain crypto

exchange with an easy-to-install widget and a white label SDK

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RBC Token

For The Ecosystem
  • DotSDK subscriptions and integration service fee in RBC
  • DotDistribution of partners’ airdrops to RBC holders
  • DotGrant programs for SDK integrators
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  • Polygon GrantPolygon
  • Harmony GrantHarmony
  • NEAR GrantNEAR
  • Celer GrantCeler
  • Symbiosis GrantSymbiosis
  • Telos GrantTelos
  • Kava GrantKava
  • ICP GrantICP
  • Bitgert GrantBitgert
  • Arbitrum GrantArbitrum
  • Manta GrantManta
  • PulseChain GrantPulseChain
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Rubic Is a Safe &
Decentralized Crypto Exchange

  • DotRubic doesn’t use any external servers:
    only Frontend and Blockchain.
  • DotOur contract is thoroughly audited by MixBytes.
  • DotWe’re built on open-source software: Github.
  • DotSwap Bitcoin and 15,500+ altcoins in a fast,
    simple & secure way!