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On-chain & cross-chain swaps in 1 click
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Smart Routing: Best routes and rates
Auto-refund function
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Technology at its finest

Become fully interoperable across blockchains,
or build your cross-chain dapp with an easy-to-install widget and a white label SDK

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Integrated by more than 130 Crypto Brands

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RBC Token

For The Ecosystem
  • 0 protocol fees on swaps for the holders of 5,000+ RBC
  • SDK subscriptions and integration service fee in RBC
  • Distribution of partners’ airdrops to RBC holders
  • Grant programs for SDK integrators
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  • Polygon GrantPolygon
  • Harmony GrantHarmony
  • NEAR GrantNEAR
  • Celer GrantCeler
  • Symbiosis GrantSymbiosis
  • Telos GrantTelos
  • Kava GrantKava
  • Hedera GrantHedera
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