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Pick and choose the most cost-efficient swap rates across 200+ DEXs directly within your MetaMask Wallet.

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How To Trade Smart

1Add Rubic’s MetaMask Snap to your wallet (tutorial).
2When trading on a DEX, explore better rates using Rubic's Snap tab in your MetaMask Wallet.
3If Rubic offers a better rate, proceed to finalize your transaction at Rubic.

“Best Rate Finder” Installation

What Is a MetaMask Snap?

MetaMask Snap is a third-party application designed for the MetaMask wallet, which enables the integration of additional features.

You can install a Snap to expand the functionality of your MetaMask wallet on the official Snap’s page or directly at Rubic’s page.

Best Rate Finder Knowledge Hub

What is Rubic?

Rubic aggregates 80+ blockchains and testnets, while it enables swaps of 15,500+ assets with the best rates, highest liquidity, and transaction speeds — in one click, thanks to the integration of 220+ DEXs and bridges.

We also provide tools for dApps to enable cross-chain swaps.

What does Rubic’s Best Rate Finder Snap do?

Rubic's MetaMask Snap can analyze routes across 200+ DEXs, enabling users to find the most cost-efficient one. Integrated into the MetaMask interface, Rubic Snap effortlessly offers users a superior route option.

How does Rubic aggregator ensure security?

My Rubic MetaMask Snap isn't working. What can I do?

If you encounter issues with the Snap, it's likely due to an outdated version of the MetaMask wallet. Please upgrade to the latest version:

1. Go to chrome://extensions/
2. Enable Developer Mode.
3. Click on the "Details" button.
4. Click on the update button (the upper-left corner).

If updating doesn't resolve the issue, reach out to our support team.

What networks does Rubic’s Snap support?

Rubic's Snap facilitates on-chain swaps across 80+ networks supported by Rubic.

How do I reach out for snap support?

Please contact Rubic's Telegram Support Bot:

questions?Get in touch with us: