Rubic Weekly Report 03/14/2024

Welcome to Rubic’s Weekly Report! Let’s take a look at our achievements for this week.


  1. 🔜 Kroma Network Upcoming Integration
  2. 🔜EON Horizen Upcoming Integration
  3. 🚀Rubic ranked among the Top 100 dApps in StartinBlock competition at Paris Blockchain Week
  4. ✅ Rubic x Blast Campaigns on Zealy, Galxe and Intract
  5. 🛰️ Rubic On Metis Layer 3 Quests
  6. 🧭 Rubic x Intract Compass Campaigns


  1. Upcoming New Chains Integration

Our development team is diving into integrating three new blockchains: Horizon EON, Rootstock and Kroma.

Horizen EON, powered by Horizen, is a fully EVM-compatible sidechain and smart contract platform designed for massive scalability.

Meanwhile, Kroma operates as an Optimistic Rollup with ZK fault proofs, leveraging a zkEVM based on Scroll.

ETA: Next Week

Rootstock is designed to extend Bitcoin’s capabilities and enable smart contracts without compromising its core layer, to build your own Bitcoin DeFi protocol.

Stay in the loop and follow our socials for updates on the development process!  

ETA: End of March 

  1. Shardeum Testnet Integration

The new incentivised Shardeum testnet is launching soon, and Rubic is prepared to seamlessly integrate it into our App upon its announcement. We’re enhancing Rubic’s testnet feature with the 8th testnet already to enable our users to be early adopters of prominent chains.

Shardeum stands out as an EVM-based linearly scalable Layer 1 Blockchain designed to offer perpetually low gas fees while upholding true decentralization and robust security. It employs groundbreaking technologies such as Dynamic State Sharding and Proof of Quorum, enabling the atomic processing of cross-shard transactions.

With Shardeum’s integration, Rubicans can effortlessly activate their wallets within the blockchain ecosystem, accessing all the advantages reserved for early adopters.

  1. Staking Update

Dive into the 3-month staking period with an APR of 23.9%!

For 9+ months, Rubic’s community has staked over 35M RBC, experiencing an impressive average APR of 20-50%, reaching an ATH of up to 325%. We’ve already distributed over 200 ETH in staking rewards among our participants. 



  1. Rubic’s Zealy Sprint On Blast 

Join the Blast event from March 15th to April 5th! 📅

Top 10 weekly users by XP win $50 in RBC/USDT each!

To qualify:

  • Complete any Cross-Chain swap to/from the Blast network
  • Finish an On-Chain swap on the Blast network
  • XP resets every Monday at 8 am UTC.

Rewards sent out the following Monday after each sprint ends! 

  1. Swap To Earn Update

Rubicans, it’s time to claim your SwapToEarn rewards! The new claim window has opened today!

Don’t miss out – claim your RBC tokens on Arbitrum before the program update!

The new rules kick in on April 8th. Stay tuned for more updates!

  1. StartinBlock Competition  

We’re thrilled to announce that Rubic has been selected as one of the top 100 most promising early-stage startups in the StartinBlock competition at Paris Blockchain Week! Besides, Rubic has been recognized as one of the top 2 cross-chain projects, standing shoulder to shoulder with our esteemed partners, Symbiosis. 

This recognition from a leading industry event validates our hard work and commitment to innovation. 

  1. February Stats

February has been fantastic! 📊

We’ve experienced a 34% surge in monthly unique users, a 22.1% growth in on-chain swaps, and a 7.17% increase in total swaps!

In addition, L2 networks are thriving! 🔥 They now make up 62% of the total transactions and 32% of the total volume.

  1. Rubic’s Shuffle Results

The Rubic’s Shuffle is officially wrapped up!

We’ve already distributed the rewards to 50 lucky winners! Remember, we were validating swaps on both Mainnets (made via Rubic contracts) & Testnets.

The more swaps you completed, the greater was your shot at winning!

  1. Galxe Campaign On Kroma

Rubic is thrilled to announce an upcoming integration with Kroma and participation in a Kroma Gaming-Centric campaign powered by Galxe.

This exciting collaboration will offer you:

  • Seamless on-chain and social tasks: Complete easy quests to earn rewards.
  • Unique NFTs: Claim exclusive NFTs for participating in the campaign.
  • Loads of fun: Enjoy engaging activities within the Kroma ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more details! We can’t wait to embark on this adventure with you. 

  1. Rubic On Metis Layer 3 Quests 

Metis Airdrop buzz? Don’t miss out!

Jumpstart your journey with Layer 3 quests on Metis launched by Stargate & Metis!

➡️ Swap $25 to Metis and $20+ from Metis (m.USDT / m.USDDC)  on Rubic, earn points & NFTs, & activate your wallet for a potential airdrop

1️⃣Bridges Campaign –  

2️⃣ Aggregators Campaign – 

  1. Rubic x Blast Testnet Campaign on Intract 

From February 26th to March 15th, we’re thrilled to invite you to join our celebration of the Blast Testnet launch on Intract!

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to explore the Blast testnet, and grab unique NFTs!

Join the excitement by completing 5 simple tasks:

1️⃣ Subscribe to Rubic’s YouTube channel for exclusive content.

2️⃣Wrap/Unwrap your ETH on the Blast testnet:

3️⃣ Retweet the announcement to spread the word & earn rewards!

4️⃣ Follow @CryptoRubic & Rubic’s Discord channel 

5️⃣ Follow @Intractcampaign


  1. Intract Compass Campaigns on Base & Linea 

Intract Campaign explorers! Rubic is an approved protocol on both Linea . Base Compass Campaigns!

Complete easy on-chain & social tasks to level up your XP score & get 220 extra.

To engage with our Compass quests, follow the links provided below:

Rubic on Base Compass:

Rubic on Linea Compass:

  1. Rubic x Blast Takeover on Galxe

The Blast Campaign is setting the stage ablaze! In just two weeks, we’ve seen an incredible surge with nearly 10,000 participants engaging in over 15,000 transactions on Blast!

Dive into our latest Blast Takeover campaign powered by Galxe. Engage in a dynamic blend of social and on-chain tasks to secure exclusive early adopter NFTs!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Explore the campaign details and seize the rewards:  

  1. Rubic’s Layer3 Weekly Quest  

Dive into our weekly quests on Layer3! Engage in cross-chain swaps and rack up those valuable XPs! Your adventure begins here: 

For your weekly tasks on Layer3, initiate cross-chain swaps from any of these source chains: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, Linea, Scroll, Polygon zkEVM, and Polygon, then swap to any supported destination chains.