Merlin Chain DeFi Early Adopters Campaign!

Hot on the heels of our Rootstock integration, Rubic is thrilled to announce another powerful addition to the Bitcoin L2 landscape: Merlin Chain, the Native Bitcoin Layer 2. This partnership unlocks seamless swaps on, to & from Merlin and empowers users to explore the exciting world of Bitcoin-native DeFi on Rubic.

Merlin Chain DeFi Early Adopters Campaign!

Rubic seamlessly integrates with Merlin, harnessing the power of Symbiosis for cross-chain swaps and MerlinSwap for on-chain transactions. This integration facilitates transaction routing and liquidity across the Merlin Chain, ensuring users can effortlessly access DeFi applications and assets on Merlin through the Rubic App, enhancing interoperability and liquidity.

To amplify this integration, we’re excited to announce our participation in Merlin’s Early Adopters Campaign. Kicking off on April 16th, this month-long initiative, in partnership with MerlinSwap, Symbiosis, Avalon Finance & Orbiter, aims to streamline early adopters’ entry into the Merlin Chain ecosystem.

Participate in the first Merlin’s ecosystem Campaign, engage in simple on-chain and social tasks to earn unique NFTs that could unlock potential Merlin Airdrops for early adopters.

To participate via Rubic, complete the following quests:

  • On-Chain Task #1: Execute a Cross-Chain swap to/from MerlinChain using Rubic.
  • On-Chain Task #2: Perform an On-Chain swap on MerlinChain using Rubic.
  • Social Task: Retweet the Merlin Chain DeFi Early Adopters tweet.


Unlock the full potential of Merlin – complete partner quests, earn more unique NFTs and raise your chances for a potential airdrop!


Symbiosis is a cross-chain AMM DEX that pools together liquidity from different networks: L1s and L2s, EVM and non-EVM. With Symbiosis, you can easily swap any token and move your assets across different networks.

  • Cross-chain swap to Merlin 
  • On-chain swap on Merlin 
  • Follow Symbiosis Youtube


MerlinSwap is an innovative and highly capital efficient DEX built to support the Merlin ecosystem

  • Follow our Twitter
  • Join in our Discord Server
  • Swap MP token worth at least 10 USD on MerlinSwap.


Orbiter Finance is a ZK-tech Based Ethereum Acceleration Engine that boosts L2s’ performance and decreases gas consumption.

  • Follow @Orbiter_Finance On Twitter
  • Join Discord:
  • Bridge 1 transaction from any network to Merlin  

Avalon Finance

Avalon Finance strives to become the best decentralized lending protocol on BTC layer 2. It has been launched on BEVM and MerlinChain.

  • Follow @avalonfinance_ on Twitter
  • Supply 1 transaction with any amount to any Merlin Assets: SolvBTC, M-BTC, M-USDT, M-ordi, BTC, and M-USDC

Explore the myriad of dApps on Merlin and embrace the benefits of Bitcoin’s L2 scalability! 

What is Merlin?

Merlin Chain isn’t your average Layer 2 solution. It leverages innovative technologies like decentralized oracles, on-chain BTC fraud proofs, and zero-knowledge (ZK) rollups to address Bitcoin’s scalability limitations. This leads to faster, more efficient transactions without compromising Bitcoin’s core security.

Merlin Chain leverages zero-knowledge proofs submitted to Bitcoin for verification of commitments, providing enhanced support to the Bitcoin network. It allows challengers to present fraud proofs on disputed matters, utilizing Bitcoin’s robust consensus mechanism to ensure the security of the Merlin Chain network. This ensures a secure, practical, comprehensive, and economically efficient network environment for users within the ecosystem.

Merlin Chain aims to expand the native innovation from Bitcoin Layer 1 to Layer 2. This includes supporting all kinds of Bitcoin Layer 1 assets, building dApps with ‘fully on chain’ spirit of Bitcoin, and community driven assets launching method. Merlin is trying to build a EVM compatible chain for Bitcoin, to unleash the potential of Bitcoin and Ordinals.

Key Features of Merlin Chain:

Merlin Chain offers Bitcoin’s cutting-edge Zero-Knowledge (ZK) scaling solution with the following advantages:

Security: Inherits the security of Bitcoin while providing additional advantages in L2 batch processing scalability.

EVM Compatibility: Supports the majority of existing smart contracts, developer tools, and wallets, ensuring seamless interoperability.

Low Cost: Utilizes ZK proofs combined with zkSNARK to reduce space consumption in L1, optimizing transaction costs for users.

High Performance: Achieves rapid network finality through frequent validity proofs and attains ultimate scalability through recursive STARK.

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